The Fusions laid its foundation in Malaysia with its patented agarwood inoculation technique and its innovative business model.

The group has also pledged to give back to society by investing money and manpower through its corporate social responsibility platform to help people overcome financial adversity.

The Fusions aims to make agarwood to be a part of people’s lives.

The group has developed several products that cater to the needs of people from all walks of life, including beverages, food, consumer goods, decorative items, beauty products and healthcare products.

The group aims to increase productivity and contribute economically in every sector, to provide business and employment opportunities, as well as to encourage social harmony and to spur the growth in the downstream.

The different business ventures of The Fusions resulted in a huge success. The group’s efforts have been pivotal to the survival of companies trying to make ends meet.

Under our Angel Investment Programme, the group has assisted young entrepreneurs to start their business ventures in sectors such as manufacturing, beauty products, food and beverage, building materials and construction.

Vision and Core Value

Vision and Core Value
Our corporate core value is based on putting people first. We try our best to adhere to the different needs of our business partners and do our best to balance the interests of all our stakeholders to ensure they have a better future.
-People first: To always give our best to meet the demands of every individual

-Customer-centric: We strive to provide services that meet all our customers’ expectations

-Commitment of quality: Encapsulating the spirit of “I can do it”, we strive to achieve excellence.

-Team work: To be inclusive and achieve common ground

Many have said that they want to give back to society and carry out their social responsibility when they are capable, but the question is, when? Every person has a different definition of what qualifies as “capable”. It is rare to come across those who have donated their wealth towards social good.

But at The Fusions, we are committed to give back to society and the environment through charity work. We have pledged to set aside a portion of our net profit for educational programmes; assistance programmes for single mothers and marginalised groups; and, sponsorship programmes for orphaned and handicapped children, among others.

We hope to lead the way in getting more corporates and the public to participate in charity work – to inculcate a sense of compassion and togetherness.