Vision and Core Value

    Our corporate core value is based on putting people first. We try our best to adhere to the different needs of our business partners and do our best to balance the interests of all our stakeholders to ensure they have a better future.

  • People first: To always give our best to meet the demands of every individual.
  • Customer-centric: We strive to provide services that meet all our customers’ expectations.
  • Commitment of quality: Encapsulating the spirit of “I can do it”, we strive to achieve excellence.
  • Team work: To be inclusive and achieve common ground

Many have said that they want to give back to society and carry out their social responsibility when they are capable, but the question is, when? Every person has a different definition of what qualifies as “capable”. It is rare to come across those who have donated their wealth towards social good.

But at The Fusions, we are committed to give back to society and the environment through charity work. We have pledged to set aside a portion of our net profit for educational programmes; assistance programmes for single mothers and marginalised groups; and, sponsorship programmes for orphaned and handicapped children, among others.

We hope to lead the way in getting more corporates and the public to participate in charity work – to inculcate a sense of compassion and togetherness.


The Fusions attaches great importance in long-term development to create a win-win situation for all our stakeholders. Our most valuable assets are our customers and staff. Based on our principle of ``people first``, we aim to generate the highest return for shareholders.


The Fusions has self-generated funding, but we also work closely with several multinational corporations, as well as government agency and professionals. The management has continuously implemented strategies that have increased the return on investments.


The Fusions believes that it has to give first before it can take back. The level of satisfaction of a customer is where we set our standards, and our aim is to improve on our customers’ approval ratings. The group will evaluate and make its decision based on the needs of the customer. We accept any criticism or feedback with a humble heart and continue to improve our services.

Fastest growing

The Fusions grows according to the pace of time. In spirit of innovation, the group will continue to explore new opportunities. With innovation in mind, the group aspires to become a market leader in the agarwood industry. There is an inherent risk in investing in innovation, but in not doing so, we will be left behind.


The Fusions has roped in the best talents from various sectors to make up its management team. The team, consisting of people from different professional backgrounds and experiences, will assist all our partners in improving our corporate development. The various strategies implemented by the team – augmented by their strong management abilities – will definitely complement our business partners to help them achieve their financial freedom.


The Fusions diversified business model pays great attention to a balanced lifestyle. The group is committed to improving the happiness index of society.


The food products manufactured by The Fusions is absolutely healthy and safe for consumption. We promise to never compromise on quality and we place importance in technology.


The Fusions agarwood oil refinery is located at the Ria Jaya Industrial Area in Sungai Petani, Kedah. The unprocessed agarwood from small plantations across the country will be collected and processed in this refinery, where our patented agarwood inoculation technique is used to extract and distil the essential oil. The oil will subsequently be sold through our exclusive channels – the only comprehensive agarwood supply chain in Malaysia, with export standards.

Finished Goods

For the past few centuries, well-kept and high quality agarwood are a symbol of wealth and status. Some use it for worship as it strengthens and sustains faith. A string of agarwood beads can improve one's spirituality, aura and energy. The Fusions’ professional appraisers have sourced genuine agarwood from all over the world, so that consumers can use the products with confidence.


The Fusions has been promoting the cultural influence of agarwood to consumers, in a bid to encourage them to include agarwood in their lives. The agarwood is carved into statutes of religious idols such as the Buddha or home decorations. As the saying goes, a person's fate could be boosted by Feng Shui. If a consumer uses the ``yang`` (sun) energy of the agarwood in his house, his home will be peaceful and accumulate abundance. The agarwood can also serve as an insect repellent and helps to keep households healthy. If the agarwood is placed in the garden, it can harness the good energies of the Universe; placed at the work place, it brings good fortune; placed in the living room, it helps maintain a harmonious home.
Scriptures in Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam have clearly stated that the scent and oil from agarwood can exorcise evil and negative energies pertaining to the devil. It can also eliminate sins and karma. This is because agarwood will make things flourish, and no plants or crystal can replicate such an effect. Agarwood is proven to have strong positive energy that can improve the user's spirit, inspiration, mind, aura and the living environment since ancient times.