Hainan Tour 23/09/2017

The Fusions 1st Gala Dinner 2017

Grand Opening Ceremony

18.11.17 Leader Training

Our company held a leader training in Park Royal Hotel in 18.11.2017. 

23.09.17 Hainan Trip

20.08.17 The Fusions 1st Gala Night

03.06.17 The Fusions Leader Seminar

The Fusions held a Leader Seminar at Cinta Sayang Resort. We were honored to invite Maple Sim instructors to attend the course. And also thanks to the leaders for their presence for this training course. You are the best!

23.05.17 Business Conference

The Fusions held the 2nd business conference and dinner in Everyday Supreme Seafood Penang at 7pm 20/05/2017. Thanks to every member and leaders to join the business conference. 

The Fusions, The Future!

23.04.17 Charity Day

17.04.17 Charity Day

The Fusions Sabah branch was donated Agarwood food products to the orphanage and the old folks house. We will continue to share our love and support to the childs and the elders. Thank you for the support.

10.04.17 Charity

Thanks to the Ms.Liu who are delivering the Fusion Agarwood products to the orphanage and the old folks house.Let the children and the elders enjoy the warmth. The Fusions thanks for your presence and love.

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16.12.2016 12th International Health Fair

3.11.2016 The China Trade Fair


The Fusions Grand Opening Ceremony on 28 August 2016.

28.07.16-31.07.16 The Fusions Visit To China

The Fusions Visit To China

25.07.16 Hang Up The Fusions Signboard

Hang Up The Fusions Signboard 

20.07.16 Leader and Chinese Business Conference

Leader and Chinese Business Conference

11.06.16 1st Leader Meeting

1st Leader Meeting in The Fusions factory.